Sicilian Characters – a documentary series about Sicily’s hidden heroes

secret sicily

sicilian characters

Sicily is most known for the Sicilian Mafia, the great food and the hot weather. Guess what? There is much more to Sicily than what’s shown in the Godfather! And Secret Sicily is here to tell you about those hidden places and stories you didn’t know about.

I’ve recently discovered an amazing documentary project called Sicilian Characters, the brain child of a group of young people from Palermo. These mini-documentaries tell the stories of every-day heroes who have followed their dreams and achieved something special. After watching these, you’ll rethink your idea of Sicily and Sicilian people!

Here are the first two episodes of the series. Stay tuned for more!

Pamela Conti – The queen of football

I personally hate the expression ‘a woman with balls’, but nothing could be more appropriate when referring to Pamela. She was born in Ballarò, an historical neighbourhood in the heart of Palermo, and she left the Island when…

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